Call for Papers

Conference Information

May 19-21, 2015 (12 noon Tuesday to 12 noon Thursday)
Conference Hotel
InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta

Academic Sponsors
  • Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business
  • Georgia Institute of Technology’s Ernest Scheller Jr. College of Business
Pre-Conference Ph.D. Student Workshop Sponsor
The National Science Foundation
  • Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City
  • Herman J. Russell Sr. International Center for Entrepreneurship at Georgia State University
Corporate Sponsor
Beckmill Research
Program Chair & Organizer
  • Bill Bogner, Georgia State University
Conference Organizing Committee
  • Pam Barr, Bill Bogner, Irene Duhaime, and François Neville
    Georgia State University
  • Annamaria Conti, J. Jay Lee, and Henry Sauermann
    Georgia Institute of Technology
ACAC Advisory Board
  • Rich Makadok
    Emory University
  • Russ Coff
    University of Wisconsin
  • Joseph Mahoney
    University of Illinois

Conference Mission and Paper Focus

The “big picture” strategy questions…

  • Where do competitive and distinctive advantages come from, and how are they sustained?
  • Why do some companies and new ventures consistently outperform their competitors?
  • Why do some businesses succeed in the same industry environments where others fail?
  • And what, if anything, can managers and entrepreneurs actually do about it?
  • What are the unique challenges of building and sustaining competitive advantage in special contexts like new ventures and international business?

The aim of this annual conference is to improve our ability to answer these “big picture” questions and other related questions of corporate strategy, entrepreneurial strategy, and international strategy, by bringing together some of the world’s top researchers on competitive advantage for three days each year in Atlanta.

We expect to

  • Share cutting-edge research, ideas and theories.
  • Foster collaborative research efforts.
  • Build a worldwide association and network of researchers who are dedicated to advancing the state of knowledge about competitive advantage.

Details and Submission Information

  • Conference registration fee will be reduced to $150 for up to two authors of all accepted papers and access to deeply discounted hotel rates.
  • Registration fee for all others is $390. ACAC registration fee will cover all lunches, the evening receptions on Tuesday and Wednesday, conference refreshment breaks, and the Tuesday evening Georgia Tech dinner at the Buckhead Club.
  • Submitted papers will undergo a selection process, NOT a formal review process — so we will not provide reviews or other feedback on any submitted manuscript
  • Submitting a paper represents a commitment that at least one of the authors will attend and participate in whatever session the paper gets scheduled for, whenever during the conference that session is scheduled. Authors who commit to attend and participate but then fail to do so, for any reason other than an immediate genuine emergency, may be excluded from participation in future ACAC meetings.
  • In addition to regular paper-presentation sessions, authors may also choose to allow their submitted papers to be considered for a high-profile visual presentation session, similar to an “SMS-style” poster session held during the Wednesday reception.
  • Papers must be submitted via the ACAC submission system »
  • Papers must be submitted either in Microsoft Word or in PDF format.