Paper Submission Instructions

The conference organizers invite the submission of unpublished working papers that advance the state of knowledge about competitive advantage addressing the “big picture” questions found on the Call for Papers page »

We are especially interested in increasing the number of submissions that address research questions about competitive advantage in the special contexts of entrepreneurship and international business.

  • Conference registration fee will be reduced to $150 for up to two authors of all accepted papers.
  • All authors of accepted papers also will receive catered meals and deeply discounted hotel rates but will be expected to pay for their own hotel, airfare and other travel expenses.
  • Submitted papers will undergo a selection process, NOT a formal review process — so we will not provide reviews or other feedback on any submitted manuscript.
  • Submitting a paper represents a commitment that at least one of the authors will attend and participate in whatever session the paper gets scheduled for, whenever during the conference that session is scheduled. Authors who commit to attend and participate but then fail to do so, for any reason other than an immediate genuine emergency, may be excluded from participation in future ACAC meetings.
  • In addition to regular paper-presentation sessions, authors may also choose to allow their submitted papers to be considered for a high-profile visual presentation session, similar to an “SMS-style” poster session held during the Wednesday reception.
  • Papers must be submitted via the ACAC submission system »
  • Submitters will be asked to first provide the manuscript information and author information. The submission system will then provide step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with the final submission of the manuscript.
  • Papers must be submitted either in Microsoft Word or in PDF format.

For any questions or comments about the conference or its policies, or technical problems about the submission system, please email »